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UWE Hub Community
Do you want to become a part of the community of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs to take your business to a new level?

UWE = you & we
U: create your business 
We: help to make it global

Join the UWE Hub community and change the world for the better with us!

UWE Hub (Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs) is a community of conscious female entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their own business and stakeholders who are ready to support women's businesses


Our mission is

Supporting women entrepreneurs (current and future) in today's conditions and challenges through training, sharing experiences to strengthen each other, networking and helping to create businesses with social impact. 

7.9 millionof Ukrainians are refugees, and most of them are women with children (UNHCR, 2022)

95% of businesswomen entrepreneurs in Ukraine were affected by the war (study Portrait of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs  2022)

54% are womenstill face stereotypes in the field of entrepreneurial activity (study Portrait of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs 2022)


Our values



Uniting & Sharing



Lifelong learning



UWE Hub Ecosystem 

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Community of female entrepreneurs who create businesses with social impact, implemented through a training program, open events, offline hubs

Community of financial institutions and partner business hubs which provide tools and support to women, the opportunity to visit hubs in different parts of the world

Community of mentors and speakers who are ready to develop and share experience

We help women from small towns  and villages to create valuable and inclusive business.

We create a global network for Ukrainian female entrepreneurs.

We establish the comprehensive ecosystem – through  learning, networking, mentoring, access to finances and global markets, support strengthening of each other.



How to support the UWE Hub:

Trainings for women entrepreneurs and women who plan to start their own business
Mentoring for women entrepreneurs
Speakers for UWE Hub activities
Financial resources for women to start their own business
Funds for the creation of more offline UWE Hubs in the regions of Ukraine
Funds for opening hubs abroad
Funds to launch the UWE Hub Women Entrepreneur Awards nationally
Volunteering and helping to create new partnerships
Access to global impact investment funding
Access to other women's entrepreneurship organizations around the world
Your own idea ;)


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150+ participants 

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Telegram chat


Unique events 


Consultations and mentoring

Our community is a mix of fantastic women who: 

  • Interested in the topic of entrepreneurship

  • Have a business idea or own business at the start-up stage 

  • Develop functionsemerging business

  • Previously had a business and are ready to share their experience

Whatyou will receive by becoming a member of the UWE Hub community:

  • Nnetworking and getting to know cool and experienced businesswomen

  • Constant support of like-minded people

  • Grant opportunities and external projects

  • Lectures and workshops on entrepreneurship from Ukrainian and foreign experts for the development of your business

  • Mwillingness to test your idea / new product / service among community members

  • Training in a training program

  • Mastermind groups to solve your business requests 

  • Useful events and advice from community members 

  • Regional events, brunches, master classes in different cities of Ukraine

Atprinciples of membership in our community:

  • Kcommunication fromaccording to the theme of the community - women's entrepreneurship

  • Exchange of experience and expertise in those matters where you are a pro 

  • Chat is a safe place for support, not criticism or hate

  • We don't sell here, but we help each other, look for necessary specialists, and promote each other's business 

  • Open and ready to share useful books, videos, articles, movies, get to know and motivate each other!

Donors and partners

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