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U&WE Hub is already in Ukrainian communities! 

The U&WE Hub is expanding its network of offline hubs for Women Entrepreneurs and has already opened five local offline U&WE Hubs in the following cities:
- Brovary, Kyiv region
- Hoshcha, Rivne region
- Ivano-Frankivsk
- Chernivtsi
- Zaporizhzhia

The purpose of U&WE Hub offline


We aim to unite Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in Ukraine and around the world, creating a network of responsible female-led businesses that not only grow individually but also positively impact their cities and country.

To expand economic opportunities for women in Ukraine, we plan to establish a network of child-friendly hubs where women can learn the basics of entrepreneurship, gain insights into developing their own businesses, enhance entrepreneurial thinking, join a women's business community, and find partners such as investors, banks, and other companies.

We believe that businesses created by women will play a crucial role in the development of cities and communities in Ukraine! 

What makes the offline U&WE Hub unique?

The offline U&WE Hub is a space for development and learning, experience exchange, and networking, offering paths for growth for women interested in developing their own businesses. Professional trainers, facilitators, and mentors will guide you on the journey to business growth.
While you learn and create, your child will be supervised in a safe space within the hub. Our hubs are equipped with a separate room with an administrator/nanny for children.



Юлія Дупешко-Джус.jpg

    Yulia Dupeshko-Dzhus
Local coordinator in Chernivtsi
Telegram community U&WE Hub Chernivtsi


Olga Skrypets
Local coordinator in Brovary
Telegram community U&WE Hub Brovary

Сергій Максимюк.jpg

Serhiy Maksyuk 
Local coordinator in Ivano-Frankivsk

Telegram community U&WE Hub Ivano-Frankivsk

Альона Вахер.jpg

Alyona Vaher
Local coordinator in
Telegram community U&WE Hub Hoshcha

Світлана Мамай Запоріжжя.jpg

Svitlana Mamai 
Local coordinator in

Telegram community U&WE Hub Zaporizhzhia


Why should you join today?

1. Educational Program
Transform your business idea into a step-by-step business plan ready for launch. Address the challenges of your business and elevate it to a new level.

The uniqueness of the educational program lies in its minimal theoretical content and maximum practical application. Lectures, training sessions, and mentorship sessions will provide you with relevant and practical knowledge for launching and developing your business. You will also learn to incorporate elements of sustainable development and positive impact into your business model and operational processes.

The training program includes:
Module 1. Women's entrepreneurship in times of uncertainty: from idea to business
Module 2. Business idea validation
Module 3. Marketing and communicationactions in business development: from start-up to scaling
Module 4. Legal and financial aspects of creating a business
Module 5. Business planning

Workshop by a psychologist on overcoming fears and boosting confidence. Individual sessions with mentors. Final pitching of business ideas before government representatives, business stakeholders, the State Employment Center, and potential investors.

2. Grants for Starting Your Own Business
After each educational program, organizers and the jury will select the best business ideas and provide small grants for expert and advisory support to strengthen or expand the businesses. 

3. Workshops and Open Events
We engage local companies, experts, and successful entrepreneurs for knowledge exchange! Additionally, all participants have access to online events conducted for every member of the U&WE Hub community, regardless of their location.

4. Networking
We believe in the energy and power of community. Therefore, we organize networking events aimed at supporting participants, creating opportunities for connections, motivating discussions about business ideas, and facilitating the search for business partners or suppliers of goods and services among community members.

Результати UWE Hub 1.0., 2.0. та 3.0.jpg
16 вересня с. Тучин Гощанської громади_1.jpg
20 вересня с. Княжичі Броварської громади_1.jpg
16 вересня с. Тучин Гощанської громади_2.jpg

5. Working with Mentors
An integral part of the training program is working with mentors who will inspire, assist, share their experience, and sometimes pose insightful and impactful questions that will guide you to new horizons!

6. Visits to Local Companies 
Local coordinators organize educational visits to socially responsible local businesses for you. This serves as additional motivation to start your own business from someone who loves what they do.

7. Psychosocial Support 
An integral part of the hub is the emotional support for women. Therefore, we have a psychologist (art therapy, body-oriented therapy, psychoeducation) and coaches who will motivate you to conquer new business heights. And that's not all! You can also enjoy yoga and meditation sessions, and in the summer, there's a fitness picnic waiting for you!

8. Comfortable and Safe Spaces for Children 
During times of war, most state-run kindergartens have closed, meaning that women without childcare support must choose between self-realization and their maternal duties. Within the offline U&WE Hub, there is a separate children's room with an administrator who oversees the children while mothers learn the basics of entrepreneurship.

9. One-Day Intensives in Communities
To accommodate women from rural areas, off-site educational intensives are organized. The educational program is specifically designed to meet the needs of rural women, providing a concise overview of entrepreneurship, from defining a business idea to crafting a step-by-step business plan.


Other Engagement Formats for Offline Hubs

If my city is not included in the pilot regions, but I have the opportunities, resources, and partners (or will find them) to initiate a hub in my city/community.

Solution: Email us at with your request and vision for creating a hub in your city, and together we will determine a collaborative path of support! We are ready to share knowledge, experience, introduce you to partners, and achieve fantastic things together!

If I don't have the resources to initiate a hub, but I am interested in bringing together current and future women entrepreneurs in my city/community/region (even if it's abroad).


Solution: Our goal is to create a vast network of U&WE Hubs across Ukraine and the world. To achieve this, we encourage you to establish your U&WE Hub Locals - informal gatherings of women in your city under the U&WE Hub brand. You have the flexibility to decide how often and in what format you meet. By doing so, you strengthen your own brand by bringing women together not only around U&WE Hub but also around yourself! We support you with advice, speaker invitations, assistance in communicating with venues for meetings, and ideas for networking event formats! Reach out to us at for further assistance.

I want to join as an organizer, local coordinator, or volunteer for U&WE Hub.


Solution: Fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you! We are always open to new ideas, people, and opportunities!

The UWE Hubs offline are implemented by CSR Ukraine with the financial support of Global Giving. Partners of the training program on entrepreneurship in the hubs are the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, the global Buzz Women movement.

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