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U&WE Hub training program 4.0.

Online entrepreneurship program for women interested in developing their own business 

About program 4.0.

You will turn your own business idea into a step-by-step business plan ready to launch, work through the challenges of your business and take it to the next level.

The program is designed to minimize theory and maximize practical experience. Through lectures, training sessions, and mentoring, you will acquire relevant and practical knowledge for initiating and growing your own business. Additionally, the program will instruct you on incorporating elements of sustainable development and positive impact into your business model and operational processes.

UWE Hub 1.0., 2.0. and 3.0. results

Group 32953.png

Approximately 1500 registrations for the training program

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The number of clients and profits for participants who own businesses increased by 20% after the program

15 winners received $4,000 for expert and consulting support to strengthen their business

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80% improved their business model and financial model 

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70+ mentors from Ukraine and EU countries and 30+ national and international partners

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The number of officially registered women's businesses increased by 27% 

400+ consultations for program participants 

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100% of participants would recommend the program to their friends, acquaintances and colleagues

Program winners
U&WE Hub 1.0., 2.0., 3.0 

Рафальська Юлія 1 (1) (1)_edited.jpg
Шимко Вікторія (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Victoria Shymko
Decor studio specializing in stabilized flowers and dried arrangements "She Flowers"

IMG_20230805_180701_495 (1)_edited.jpg

Lina Sabayte
Tourist and running gear
"GoFar equipment

Julia Rafalska 
Consulting services for businesses “LET'SCALL"

Лукіна Катерина (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Kateryna Lukina
Publishing house specializing in Eastern literature and manga “Bimba

Гудзовська Олена (1)_edited.jpg

Olena Klymchuk-Hudzovska
 Consultations and services for grant project writing "Grant Opportunities"

Yulia Veselovska
Author's gastronomic and exclusive travels in Ukraine - "Yulcha Neposidyucha"

Вероника Тлостюк.JPG

Veronika Tlostiuk
Interior decor and products made from epoxy resin "Unika" 

ВИРІЗАТИ З ФОТО - Соломія Братах.jpg

Solomiia Bratakh
Rose jam "Grated rose"


Liudmyla Kyselytsia
 Shadow Theater "Verba"


Anna Zarva 
Brand of festive classic costumes for kids "Badooka"


Valeriia Koptseva 
Vegan/vegetarian restaurant "Leewith"

Козакевич ..jpg

Oleksandra Kozakevych 
Ready-made surprise quests "Striped elephant"


Maryna Hordiichuk 
The first ethno eco brand of toys for cats and dogs


Anna Hrynkiv 
Upcycling brand of Ukrainian ethno-modern clothing "Stryi"


Anna Shamaieva
English language school wowzers.english and course "MEDICAL ENGLISH"


For whom

Women who have a business on the start stage and need practical knowledge and consultations to strengthen and develop own business

Women with a business idea 
encounter obstacles on the path to its realization; thus, they require new knowledge and support from experts and the community

After the program you:

  • will gain a holistic understanding of your current and future business

  • intuitively anticipating the needs of potential customers

  • learn to create a simple yet effective financial model and implement positive impacts on operational activities

  • develop strategic thinking, prioritize actions, and plan next steps for business growth

  • through mentorship, fortify your business model and acquire skills in presenting your business to clients and investors

  • ultimately, you will grasp the intricacies of scaling your business to the next level


U&WE Hub 4.0.

Program U&WE Hub 4.0


Open lecture. Mission, vision, business values. The social impact of business.

Idea validation. Customer and value proposition. Market and competitor analysis.

Business model and strategic planning. 

Creating an effective financial model for business.

Grant opportunities.

Legal aspects of conducting business.

Business management, leadership, and team management in business.

Product (MVP).

Marketing for microbusiness.

Branding and communications, SMM.


Digital Reading

1. Building anti-fragility during war and overcoming psychological barriers: strategies for personal growth and business improvement. 
2. Crafting effective business presentations. 
3. Business management
, leadership and team oversight. 
4. Methods for attracting financing to your business.
5. Business scaling, international market entry, and establishing partnerships and collaborations.

Bonus trainings


Criteria for selecting program participants:

  • citizens of Ukraine aged 18-35, in alignment with the requirements and priorities of the donor;

  • applicants should demonstrate a high level of motivation as emphasized in the registration form; 

  • applicants should possess either a functioning business or a well-defined business idea;

  • a crucial criterion is a strong belief in one's business and the desire to effect positive changes on both a personal and countrywide level;

  • proficiency in the English language is necessary to effectively engage with additional materials and attend lectures in English;

  • participants should have access to a laptop/PC or a smartphone with a camera to actively participate in online classes.


What is waiting for you? 

Practical lectures and additional trainings

Fantastic speakers and a team of organizers who are always nearby

Homework focused on your business idea


Inspirational events and networking

QA sessions and analysis of homework with speakers

Mentoring sessions with experts from Ukraine and the world




The most active participants will have the opportunity to develop individual business plans under the guidance of international business mentors

The finale of the program is Pitch Night
The program concludes with Pitch Night, where three winners will be selected to receive consulting and expert services to strengthen their business, up to a value of $2,000 each

Reviews of program participants 

Winners of the program 1.0.

Participant of the UWE Hub 1.0 Program

I would like to start my feedback with the question: "How many offers per day do you see to receive free training?" Is it true that "the eyes are spreading?” :)
But most often, free programs simply sell paid education. As a result, the most precious and priceless thing - your own time - was spent.
And now imagine my surprise when I came to the first lecture on How to correctly formulate the vision of your business and it was a really high level of quality information that you can immediately use in practice!
Even popular paid courses with a cost of 1000 dollars or more do not always provide such thorough information as here on the free one!
Oleksandra Kapral, 36 years old, Kyiv
Олександра Капраль.jpg

The U&WE Hub program is implemented by CSR Ukraine in in the framework of UNITY (Mriemo ta diemo) program that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by IREX. The UWE Hub national partner is the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine (MOU is signed). Program partners also include the British non-profit organization Civic and, under the signed memorandum of partnership, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. Partner of the impact financing program - Civic Ukraine. Information partners are the Office for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Export, the national project Diya.Business and the State Startup Fund. 

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